Thursday, 26 January 2012

Just before the Chinese New Year break, I started on some projects, but as they were in various stages of 'complete' I didn't want to post pix of them here.

First off: I started to play with my stained-glass painting kit, and this is what I did:

I worked with Folkart's Gallery Glass, and this is what I got. I did the designs on an old plastic chopping board that I no longer use. I piped on the 'leading' (it almost broke my hand, I tell you!), and when it had set (I left it for 24 hours), I filled-in the colours. Like I learned on You Tube, I used a skewer to mess about with the colours, making sure they reached right up to the leading, and left no holes.

Because this was the first time with Gallery Glass, I didn't want to buy individual bottles of the stuff - so I bought a set of five bottles, plus one black 'leading' bottle. 

The paint dries clear, and is sparkley and so very stained-glass-looking! Unfortunately, I am not good enough of a photographer to know HOW to take a picture of this, and do it justice.

I left the lot to dry, and today, I used a razor blade to lift them off the plastic, and put them up on a mirror. After putting them on, struggling with trying to take pictures of them and failing, my husband came and noticed that one of my fish was 'dead': because I'd placed it upside down! Nice :(

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