Thursday, 26 January 2012

Makeover: Patio bench

This is the 'before' of the bench: all sanded and ready for painting.

I'd been wanting to do this for the longest time, and I finally got up the nerve to actually start on it! 

The bench had been in the rain and the sun, and the paint was peeling, and it needed re-painting badly. Chuan will never let me paint anything without first sanding it, so sand it I did.

Then, it was on with a couple of coats of paint, and more sanding - to make it look old and weathered! Yes, you will be forgiven for thinking me totally mad.

Below, you'll find the 'AFTER' pictures: including the last one, with my three girls testing it, to make sure it is still a good place to sit :)


  1. Wow,wow,wow...what I can say after this????So lovely,so,so,so!

    1. Hi Tatjana!!! Thank you :)

      You can picture me sitting here, with my girls, every morning with my coffee.

  2. You are so talented sweet Pat