Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A basket of flowers

Over a few days, I worked on this second slab of styrofoam - first, base-coating it, and then working on adding bits and pieces of the colours I planned for the painting into the background. Then, I worked on the basket, and that took a few 'takes'. Originally, this had a handle, but it looked too sad (I need to work on my 'weaving' technique for the handle), so I filled it up with flowers instead. To remind me that there indeed was a handle there somewhere, I left a bit hidden in there among the flowers.

... just finished - paint still wet

a close-up

... and to remind me that I actually painted 'over the edge' 


  1. That is quite pretty. Still in awe of you painting talent. And probably going to get more so as you improve so quickly. Muahhhhhhhhh.

  2. Oops, just as I clicked to post, I caught the error. Never mind lah.

    Talent is you and yours! hahaha.

  3. What error, sweetie? ;)

    And thank you lah, you are so kind!