Sunday, 14 November 2010

Poinsettia and holly

This is planned as a gift - for someone who doesn't visit this blog ;)


  1. Pat,

    Your work captures the traditional Christmas spirit. In fact it makes me think Norman Rockwell would imitate it if he were doing a cover for a Saturday Evening Post magazine in the late '40's when life was gentler and kinder.

    Those holly leaves are very realistic.

  2. So it's not me lah! :D

    It's beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Louis,

    Thank you :)

    I love painting holly because it's so very christmassy! I wonder if I'll get the chance to see some real ones when I am in London. Wouldn't it be a hoot to find that all the holly there is 'made in China', like it is here??! Hahahah!!!


    No lah, this one's not for you! Hahahaha! And thank you for all the exclamation marks, darling ;)