Tuesday, 30 November 2010

My bag

I thought I'd do simple daisies on my bag. But, as usual, nothing is simple with me... but no one wants the long story, so here are the pictures of the finished work instead.

Starting off with my girls having a good look-smell at the bag:

And then, views of the bag, taken from all the different bits I painted - even right at the bottom, where the wheels are ;)


  1. This will be the most artistic luggage on any airport baggage carrousel.

  2. You know what Louis? I am now worried that I will be a tad self-conscious with my bag now :(

    After the first 'round', the paint dried to a dull, matt finish. And I couldn't leave well-enough alone. I went and got some white, and touched-up the petals, thinking it would be a light coat. Wrong.

  3. ok ma stop hyperventilating. 1. your bag looks AWESOME! 2. even if it was ugly no one would know that you painted it. 3. you'll be so thankful that you can identify your bag with no problem!!

  4. Are you planning to put that lovely bag to good use SOON!??

  5. Merci beaucoup, mon ami Louis ;)