Sunday, 28 March 2010

Little daisies

I decided to practise with my Enamels (paint for glass and ceramics by Plaid) again - this time, on the other side of the gin bottle I worked on earlier.

Just a bunch of lazy daisies, all over the bottle, helter-skelter . . . you get the picture! Hahahah!

Painting on glass isn't easy. Besides working with the right brush, the strokes must be done just right, so that the paint stays on the glass, and is not swept up with the bristles when they leave the glass surface!

Also, I found that many of my daisies dried 'clear' - not the effect I wanted. So, I had to go back and paint them with more paint.

I find that although I practise the stroke before I start, when I get to the actual piece I'm working on - I do it differently! And that sucks :(

I think I am relaxed when I am practising, and remember to 'press' and 'lift' and whatever. But then I hit the bottle (slurp!), and I don't know what comes over me!!! Hahahah! It's like nerves or something.

Ahh well, I guess what I need to do is, to do this over and over and over again - until it becomes second nature to me. So that I can just simply chill and let the colours flow, and set, and be beautiful.

So there's my gin bottle. Emptied and daisied :)

It could be better, but then I find I am saying that about most of my pieces!!! So, I'll say that this is ok, for now. And I'll keep it - as evidence that I'm trying, and working towards being really good one day.

Soon, I hope ;)


  1. Hi Pat..Thanks for those kind words..make me blush..he..he..Isn't it amazing that we both were trying out the enamel paints at about the same time. Face same problems that the paint lift off while painting..still wondering how to overcome this. Now reading some articles about it and will try again.. I get stuck with fancy I just do the single or two blooms here and there...
    Your daisy coming along nicely..If we use the clock face to position the petals and observed the curve of tail..we shall get a pretty neat daisy..I like the ones by Priscilla Hauser..
    Hey..keep up the painting first and good times to savor after that... Great day to you..

  2. Hi Rozie,

    Clock-face rule, eh? Sigh - I just whack lah, put the petals all over the place!

    And your mention of 'curve of tail' - that's exactly what I am trying to do. But, with these daisies being soooo small, I just ended up putting blobs all over :( But you've given me reason to practise somemore - as you've pointed out what's wrong, and how to fix it!!! That's why your flowers look alive - and mine look like they've been stabbed to a wall!!! Hahahahah!

    I'll look up Priscilla Hauser as you suggest.

    Thanks for the tip!

    You have a great day, too :)