Tuesday, 23 March 2010

My angry blue daisies

I'm not entirely happy with this - but what's to do? I guess it says just where I am.

I practise and practise my strokes, and then I think: I'm ready to do this.

And I take out my canvass, and I get out the paints, and I load my brush, and . . . .

... it looks nothing like my practice strokes!!!

I think of these as my angry blue daisies. They were meant to be soft and flowy and not-really-there.

But they turned out angry. Perhaps, I was, too? But I didn't really know it.

Perhaps painting is like writing. In the strokes, as in the words, what you really feel comes out - and it is there for those who know, to see.

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  1. they're so pretty!!! i don't think they look anygry at all. the black background's amazing, it really shows the tones of the strokes.. and you've come such a long way too since your first painting. wow! now i'm really itching to get my paint brushes out too :) looking forward to see more ... XXX

  2. Thank you, Mel!!!

    This one is a 'paint-over': I painted over something else that wasn't very nice ;)

    And so I decided on the black, to really hide everything, seeing as how my strokes of paint are usually raised. This 'black' has also got bits of blue and green - it made for a more vibrant black!

    Yup, I know what you mean about a black background. Strong colours really stand out on it, don't they?

    SO: when am I going to get roses on my nails :)