Monday, 8 March 2010

The you-tube thingy that got me started

The video below simply mesmerised me.

And for some reason, I knew that if I held a brush, and double-dipped it in paint, I'd be able to do this.

Okie. . . Hahahah! It didn't quite turn out as simple as that... but I'm having a blast!!!

Over the Chinese New Year holidays, I didn't have a chance to touch a brush. For three whole weeks. Last weekend, when I finally held one in my hand, it refused to perform as instructed. The hand and the brush lah!

So, I sat and did comma strokes, and exclamation points, and messed about with the horrid black paint I wish I hadn't bought. At least it's coming in handy for practise work and doodling and trying to write with a brush :)

Here's Donna Dewberry who's the angel who told me: "Just pick up a brush and practise. Anyone can do one-stroke painting!"


  1. Dear Patricia..he..he..hey girl.. we are never too late to do this painting..I agree with you..I also love to play with the colors..most likely when I was smaller I dont have the luxury..and now I wish I will have more years to get it going..I will just be fascinated putting the colors together an dthe blooms will come.. Thank you for visiting my blog... I am linking yours to mine ya..

  2. Hahahah! It's so true what you say, Rozie! My work looked quite horrid, but I refused to give up :)

    But your work is superb. I especially love your roses. I've tried to do them, but mine look like teacups with saucers!Terribly sad, lah. Hahaha.

    But yours . . . ahhh, so perfect! That's why I am so grateful for the 'notes' you posted. I will try them, as directed, and hope mine turn out ok. Even if they're half as good as yours... I'll be happy!!!

    I've already linked you to mine, so that I can be continually inspired to persevere.

    But you're linking mine?! My first thought was: Oh no!!!! My work is sooooo cacat! Malu lah to be there with all the other 'big' names who do such good work! Hahahah!!