Wednesday, 7 July 2010

My flowers

So I watched her do it on You Tube, and I tried my hand at it, and it wasn't so bad, I thought:

Then, I tried my hand at those shell-like stroke Dewbery talks about, and because it was white-edge on white, it was barely visible. Note to self: don't do this again! Please.

And always, with leftover paint, I must fiddle with an iris - and I am making progress.
Note to self: See? I can actually do that petal-flip like I seem them do!

And finally, with Luz Angela on stop/start on You Tube, I do a rose that actually looks like a rose to me! I thought it would be tragic, as usual, so I took out my ugliest paint - green - and thought, 'what the hell, let's give it a go'. Again. And, I was quite pleased with my result.

Had to meddle with the edges; had to add highlights; and it is messy - but, they look like roses. And they don't look like factory-processed ones, either. So, I am happy :)

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