Monday, 5 July 2010

Building flower petals

I'm down with a cold, and so am into 'classroom' mode for a bit.

Here's a new lesson on building a flower, starting with petals - the teacher is Gloria Moran, and excellent teacher, even though I understood very little of what she said! She works a six-petal flower, an iris, and leaves here:

A simple lavender project:

Building and orchid, step by step:


  1. In case you need to know

    Disfruta pintando flores
    Enjoy painting flowers

  2. Thank you, Lita :)

    I watch her with the sound of, because me no-comprende lah. But she is a good teacher, and without words, she's helped me better my strokes and see where I've gone wrong.

    I am simply amazed how generous and selfless so many people are, here on the internet. Beautiful.