Thursday, 22 July 2010

Ethereal, filmy, not-quite-there roses

It would seem that I can't get enough of them, and that seems to be about right! Hahahah!

I keep wanting to 'see' if I can do them again - and often, I can't! :)

This is my attempt on black paper - my favourite background (am I a dark soul?), and I find that my horrid pink is not so gawd-awful and much subdued here.

It's absolutely the wrong paper to paint on, way too thin, but heck, I'm only practising, and I need paper. I think this is a light sugar-paper.

Note to self: this paper don't work none, so don't buy it again, k!

Second note to self: Don't forget to sign your work! Sigh.

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  1. Good! I was wondering when you would exhibit your latest paintings, Pat. Such an enviable talent!

  2. Hahahah! Thank god you're the only one who visits here and sees my 'art'! And thank you for the 'good' :)

    I am still not happy with my roses, and I want to tweak what I am doing now, and I may do that this afternoon - my 'art' time! I found an amazing site online, and the writer explains stuff so clearly, my hands are itching to try what's suggested.

    I don't know if I'll ever be satisfied with what I do - and I think that's not entirely a bad thing, won't you agree? Always, it has been the journey there (to perfection), that's proved most interesting to me.

    And honestly, I know there's no reaching that perfection - because that would be the real rose, or daisy, or whatever, itself. Perfect examples of our world, and all that is right with it.

    Thank you for your faithful cheer from the sidelines.

  3. No, Pat, it's not an entirely bad thing not to be completely satisfied with one's creations, but don't forget it's also a good thing to "stop and smell the roses", or in your case, to admire your painted versions of them. I think that even the Bible story of creation notes that the creator stopped and looked on what he did and allowed himself to admire his handiwork. It says that he saw that "it was good" doesn't say "perfect".