Thursday, 1 July 2010

More roses

And I couldn't believe these roses:

And this one:

And did you see the dew-drop?! Amazing!

And what do you think about this one???!

And this one is really poor quality, but the technique is clear:

... and the coin drops....


  1. Hi Pat;

    Re: You Call These Roses?

    No, I wouldn't call them roses. I'd call your creation Art.

    If the viewer wants roses, he/she could go to the florist. However if the painter wants to share her perception of some aspect of the beauty of roses then it's up to her talent to convey that perception. Your painting does that. The lightness, transparency and swirls of your color and brush strokes seem to say that you want to share an impression of the airy delicacy of the roses.

  2. Hey Louis!

    You are too kind. Actually, when I look at the piece now, I can see what I was trying to do, and why I failed, and where!

    Yes, of course you are right - if you want perfection, you've only to buy one and voila, you have it!

    For me, it is in the creating that I am beginning to see again, with new eyes, all the beauty that is around me. I never took it for granted. But now, it's like a whole new world that I'd never really 'seen' before.

    Terima kasih for visiting :)