Monday, 25 January 2010

You call these roses?!

I love the idea of tone-on-tone, and this is my first attempt at it. I'm still a little confused - as can be so plainly seen - and I've mixed my leaves up, and my curly-cues are not as curly and as cue-ey as I'd like them to be :(

And of course, I just had to try my hand at roses. I mean, if you watch the people on You Tube, you'd think they were the easiest flower to paint. Just a little shell here, a little shell there, and voila! Roses.

Yah right.

And below is how wrong they can be.

Actually, after miny-miny-miny attempts, I had to leave this to go do something else. Otherwise, this too, would be history!!!

Again on perspex , I have a white sheet in the back so that the piece can be viewed.

Roses are hard to do. See the close up and don't laugh. Please. You should have seen the first ones. Believe me, these are the improvements!

Also, I need to note that rose buds should not be or seem to be as big as the rose itself :(

Every day, I learn a little more!

(click on the image for a bigger pix)

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