Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The first one

I decided to try my hand at one-stroke painting when the idea was put into my head by my pal Mel.

I'd told her that I'd just love to be able to paint, and loved dabbling with paint, but all I could do was copy. Draw something that was already there, then fill it in with paint. And sometimes, outline it.

I am not good with shading, and pretending the light is coming from there, or there, or there. Because it the end, my paintings all looked like the light was indeed coming from there and there and there, and the rest of it was all one big grey mess!

And then, there's one-stroke painting. I watched the clip on You Tube, and I was hooked.

Line and sinker followed.

So, thanks, Mel.

And after practising my strokes: commas, exclamation marks, shells, and ribbons and little wiggly lines... I have this to show. It's done on perspex (plastic sheeting), that I salvaged from a frame I'd got at Ikea.

The good thing about working on perspex is that you can wipe it all off with a damp cloth and start all over! Which I did, over and over and over, until I ran out of paint on my palette. And this remains - non-determinate flowers on a bed of non-determinate leaves :) (the little recycle-triangles you see are on the perspex :(

(Click on the image for a bigger pix)

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