Monday, 25 January 2010

Playing with glass

These are no more :(

Here's the lowdown:

It was Christmas-time, and the time for presents and whatever. And I thought I'd paint something for everyone.

So out come my paints, and this is the result: Daisies for the girls, and plain green vines of leaves for the guys.

Looks a little like a lotus, doesn't it? But it isn't. It's just a purple-petaled flower, with a dark centre.

My first attempt at a sunflower. Sigh.

Here they are - as they liked to say in the Army - up standing :)

Why are they 'no more'?

Ahhhhh! Well. I used the wrong paint. I needed to use glass-paint for these. And I didn't.

I've since learnt that there are people who do work with these paints on glass, for semi-temporary designs. Perhaps on a window, or something that you'd like there for a while.

It dries to the touch. But when it touches water, it comes off.

So, I soaked these, and they're all washed clean now.

Ready for me to do them over. Another chance to try to get it right, eh?!
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