Monday, 25 January 2010

A lotus for Lita

Yup, that was the intention. But this is another work in glass, with the wrong paint, so there.

Don't you think this would've looked nice with a little tea-light inside?

Looking in . . . .

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  1. Hey you!!!!!

    I just realised you had this site. Had a bit of time on my hands and look what I've found you doing with yours!

    It's a great idea to start this blog and I'm gonna come visit again and again.

    Yay, I'm here on the 5th blog! *grins*

    Love you

  2. Shhhhhh! Not many people know about it!! Hehehe!

    I am still struggling to make like an artist, and this is me journaling my journey lah.

    Painting makes me happy, for some reason. So, I enjoy simply doing it. And when I'm done, I look at my work critically and see where I've made errors, and try to see if I know how to fix them.

    And it is the trying to get 'perfect' that is so exciting.

    Welcome :)