Thursday, 8 March 2012

Callas and poppies

I am mucking about with my water-colour pencils again, and I must say that every time I do, I feel like I am six-years-old again :)

I love calla lilies, and I am trying so hard to paint them. Likewise, poppies. And BOTH don't come out the way I want them to. The calla lillies look like stepped-on, melted yellow wax when I am done, and the poppies look like red blotches of dried blood :(

SO: to get my brain used to the idea of creating these beautiful flowers, I decided to sketch them. Then, I took out my water-colour pencils and coloured them in. Then, I applied the water, and nearly died when it all turned to mush for a bit. A bit of tissue, some dry brushes to mop up messes, and the result is below. Sigh.

I hope the next time I post them, they will be paintings of callas and poppies - done half-decently!

Together, in my sketch-book . . . 

... and the close-ups: above, and below:


  1. But Pat,they look so beautiful...exactly like we have,here in Croatia...But I can understand your dissatisfaction if poppies and callas at youre home looks much more different :))

    1. Hi Tatjana :)

      We don't have poppies here, in Malaysia; I don't know if we have callas, though. Maybe at a florist's. But, I've seen poppies when I was in Europe, and to my eyes, the petals on mine look too thick - instead of papery-thin like I've seen on the real thing.

      Thank you for your encouragement, Tatjana. I will paint these one of these days :)