Sunday, 18 March 2012

Just coasting along . . . .

I painted these awful-coloured coasters (apple green and funky pink) with three of my favourite flowers right now, and here are all three, lined up in a row:

And now, for the close-ups:

This electric kettle, sadly, is no more. It's plastic, and me+acrylic paint+plastic = disaster :(

I'd painted on the flowers, and let them dry, and when I tried to top-coat them, they started to disappear . . . .

So, the kettle is all washed and clean now, but the flowers remain: in these pictures:

I rather like the idea of a painted kettle, so I am going to try again. IF all fails, I'll take out my trusty sharpies, and doodle all over it!!! :)


  1. They are stunning Pat, aslight liking more for the Calla Lily so stunning x missed you trying to slowly come back

  2. Dearest Lorraine,

    Thank you for visiting. I am going to Gmail right now, and writing to you!