Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Daisy bento box

Recycling again. This time, a bento box - a gift from my friend Emily who asked that I please don't return it to her!

So, I've painted it for a friend I am planning to visit next month, and it will be filled with my sugee (semolina) cake. This friend is someone I've known for almost two years or so now, but we've only ever written to each other, or spoken over the phone. We'll be meeting for the first time next month, and I hope she'll like her present.

The design is not my own - it is Ros Singleton's and you can find it on her blog. It is so simple, really - and because daisies are one of my favourite flowers (and so easy to get all wrong), I have been in love with this design for the longest time.

I don't use a pattern. I just look at her design, and then paint it freehand.

I've only just finished  the box. I'll need to double-coat it with topcoat, and then leave it to cure/dry.

I didn't use any special paint - just ordinary acrylics, which may not prove the best choice, but I've been having problems with painting plastics, so I think I'll just topcoat this and tell my friend not to wash it too often. And, certainly not in a dishwasher. The topcoat will keep it safe: fingers crossed ;)

The bento box is made of shiny, black plastic. Does NOT photograph well :(
 See that little sprig of forget-me-nots on the bottom? That's there because my basket was a little off: tilted to one side. I added the flowers to hide it. Shhhhhhh...!

Two views of the sides of the box:

I painted a small motive all around the four corners.


  1. Thank you, GG. You are so kind.

  2. Wow Pat,your flowers are amazing,in this and last few posts!
    I also use ordinary acrylics and coating and it works. The first coating is little tricky,but after is a song...

  3. Thank you, Tatjana :)

    About that first coat being tricky: I agree with you there. But, I watched a you-tube video, and the 'teacher' said to paint on the topcoat like you were painting over the design: if it is a rose, say, paint on the topcoat over the petals, petal by petal; then the leaves, stroke by stroke, eventually covering the whole design.

    I think that's good advice, and I'm going to try that this time.

    I didn't save the video :( or it would have been so much easier to just post it here for you to share as well.

  4. I love how you hid the "off" pot w/ the sprig of forget me nots. Really pretty...reminds me of Ros Stallcup..love her!

  5. Thank you for visiting, Sue, and for the kind words :)

    I'll be popping by to visit you in a bit!