Thursday, 13 October 2011

A pouffe, and some back-scratchers!

We have this black-and-white pouffe at home. It's supposed to look like a big, fat football, and it's just so  bleah.

So, the other day, I decided to doodle all over it.

I also have a bunch of back-scratchers - made of bamboo - that I'd bought to give away to a couple of friends. Yes, I decided to doodle on them, too!

It would be safe to deduce that if you have any blank surfaces around, you should hide them from me, and my doodling pens!!! :)

Here are the pix:

Jolie, and her cushion, sharing the picture with our 'new' pouffe!

I've included many sides here, because each hexagon got a different doodle :)

And, here are the back-scratchers. Perfect for those hard-to-reach places
on your back!

Those 'hands' give a mighty fine scratch! ;)

Another view of them, on my so-very-untidy worktable.


  1. I normally don't visit this blog, but I saw a football and came right over! The artsy football pouffe is so kewl! So are the back scratchers! Like folk art meets tribal art! You should seek an alternative career as a tattoo artist, Pat! I love doodling too but I am nowhere near as good as you!

  2. Thank you, darling! I enjoyed doing this so much. Doodling is a new love, and I do a little bit every day. I'll find something to do for you :)