Saturday, 7 May 2011

... with shadows....

I have a post called 'making it pop' and I often forget to listen to the advice given there :(

So, after finishing these two rounds, I still felt that they were missing something, until it clicked: shadows!

So, I put them in. And as I was doing them, I remember a video I watched of David Jansen, and his advice there came back to mind: seal each layer as you are finished with it. Of course, he was doing a major project, and he was finishing it was an antique look of the old masters... whereas mine were just my two rounds and I was just playing around! Hahahah!!!

Anyways, it was good that the pieces were already sealed - because the shadows ran all over the place and, because of the sealant, I was able to either brush them off with a clean, wet brush, or wipe them off altogether with a paper towel :)

I have alternated the pictures here: first the 'un'shadowed piece, and then the piece with the shadow added. I think it makes a difference, and gives depth. Anyways, that's what my eyes tell me. Heheheheee!

Without shadows - above - and with shadows and a soft focus - below

Without shadows, and looking very flat, I thought.
With shadows, above and below

... and playing with Picasa, seeing what tone-on-tone would look ;)


  1. the shadows did the trick! lovely!!! also, thanks for the fantastic tips on how to care for the brushes :)


  2. I thought so too, Mel! It sorta gives it depth, doesn't it? Just trying to take it one step further lah, is all ;)