Saturday, 21 May 2011

Why purple???

Because Vijaya's kitchen is purple, that's why!

Vijaya comes help me around the house once a week. And she asked that I paint her something - on this Nescafe bottle. Did she like roses? Yes. And what colour roses would she like? Purple!

So, here's the finished bottle.

I'd have liked to put in some other little flowers as well, but, there was just so much purple, that I stuck to roses and rosebuds. I'll put in more flowers on the next one I paint for her.

What's she going to use the bottle for? For Nescafe, of course! She buys the refill pack, so this bottle will come in handy.

AND, since she was planning on using it for coffee, I thought that it would be practical to leave little stripes - or strips - of empty glass: so that she could just glance at it, and see when it's time to buy more coffee :)


  1. You done a wonderful glass painting,poppies,tulips and roses!

  2. Thank you, Tatjana. You are so kind.

    And yes, I got your e-mail about the hinges! :)