Friday, 25 June 2010

Letter holder

Something I worked on for a bit. This is the third version. The other two were painted over because I was so unhappy with them.

So, daisies on one side, and hydrangeas on the other - and put your letters in-between.

Here are the hydrangeas, that finally came out close to how I wanted them to. They'll be better than this ... one day....

This is so not how I wanted it to be, but I'm living with it because I am tired of doing it over!!! Hahahah!

Anyways, changing it all is academic now - because it's now sitting in Larnee's bag in London, and will soon be in Nicole's hands. Happy birthday, Nicole. Next year, I'll do something better for you. It will be, because I'd have had so much more time to practise and get better!!!

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