Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Are these tulips?

I was delighted to find a new video by Luz Angela online today. One of the first successful roses I ever painted happened after I watched her painting a rose over and over and over again.

Here she is, painting three tulips. Her paintings are very stylised, and she doesn't bother that they resemble how the flower looks in nature exactly. It is HER idea of the flower, and she depicts it with her inimitable style and flair.

Later, there's her painting her version of a lily, or a lily-like flower. I have NO IDEA what she is saying, and if I did, I doubt that I could enjoy watching her paint more.

The key to doing anything that even vaguely resembles her work, I think, is to watch her, and try to develop a style of my own. Her use of colour, how she puts in onto her brush, and the way the brush moves on the board - is almost like a dance.