Sunday, 1 August 2010

This and that . . . .

I tried my hand at something I saw an artist do on You-tube - use whites and light colours on a black background - to make it pop. And this is what I got. But I'm not sure this is the effect I want. But's it's interesting. And the photos make these next two look almost like negatives.

The roses in the third shot, I did on rubbishy paper - and if you look at the pix, you'll see it. But I am still experimenting with roses, and trying to find a way to do them 'first-time, every-time'!

This last one - of pansies (which I've never cast my eyes on. Ever.) I painted on a board an iced cake came on :) It's not like I don't have anything to paint on, but I'm kinda perverse sometimes! The paint didn't want to stick at times, and it was hell to photograph, and finally I realised that I needed to turn off the flash.


  1. You PAINTED these? OMG! These are gorgeous, Pat! They look like those mother-of-pearl flowers on Chinese lacquered flowers! Yes, you did get the formula right, the flowers POP!

  2. Oh good! you need any more of those cake boards?

  3. Hiya E!

    Such a nice surprise to see you here. I keep saying that I love hiding things in plain sight - and you've found me! Hahahah!!!

    I'm glad you like the flowers. I'm quite happy with them myself.


    Ahhh, you've been buying cakes, too? I always feel so guilty when I buy them - cos I could so easily be making them myself!!! But I love those nothing-but-air-in-them sponges, and I don't know how to do them right. That's my excuse! ;)

    More cakeboards? Hahahah! If you pass them to me, I'll paint something on them and pass them right back to you! How's that for a deal?

  4. Last cake bought was my bday! must find that board.. either I hid it very well or DH's gotten rid of it!

    You paint me a cake board - I crochet you something... deal? what's your fav color?

  5. Deal! Black and white :)

  6. ok! I leave you my board where? AF? exchange by Dec 2010? LOL!

  7. Hahahah!!! Sounds like a plan :)

  8. i like the last one.... ma when u gonna paint my suitcase?? :(

  9. When you decide what you want me to paint on it lah. So far, you've decided I can't paint ferns.... ;)