Sunday, 26 February 2012

Bavarian folk art

I have seen beautiful pieces of this art form, and I thought I'd try my hand at it. At least the colours are bright and perky. Hahahah!

I am still twisting my tongue around the word for it, though: Bauernmalerei.

There is a lot of help online on this, and lots of free patterns - but I free-handed this design. It is a small, little piece - measuring about 3-inches across - so it wasn't too difficult. It was fun doing, but I think I could improve on my technique, for sure!! I need to work out the right consistency for my white, I think, to get a more fluid, finer outline. AND, I need to watch more You Tube videos - and pay more attention!

But, it is something I like, and will try again :)


  1. Stunning a springy if you have trouble with that word yoouu can always imagine how I'd to with it ;) missed you

  2. Bonjour Lorraine! Je suis heureux de te trouver ici :)

    J'ai été très occupé dans mon petit monde - et je suis désolé je n'ai pas ecrit depuis longtemps. Je suis trez parreseux! Il faut si longtemps juste pour ecrire quelques mots. Mon francais est trop rouillé maintenant :(

    Mais, merci pour le complement. Tu es un ange :)