Saturday, 27 August 2011

Sandra draws an abstract thing

I found this video some time ago, but I couldn't find it again - so that's why I couldn't share it here.

Today, was my lucky day, so here it is:

So many have asked me how I draw my doodles, and have commented at how complicated they are, and how they could never do anything so intricate and detailed.

Well, Sandra does beautiful work here, and she was one of my inspirations. The other was Miraculous Mosquito who was really the one who got me started with doodling.

If you like doodling, or are interested in getting started, perhaps you could do it the way I did: just watching these talented people do it, and then trying it out on your own.

It is loads of fun, and when you're doodling, time stands still. It empties your mind. So, when you are doodling, you're free :)

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