Thursday, 7 October 2010

More video help

I have been busy all week - but not really painting anything at all. I just felt I had to get back to basics and work on my brush strokes, my control of my brushes, and the mixing of paint. It's good to do this, for me at least, because it showed me how far I'd come, and how far I still need to go! Hahahah!!!

And as usual, no day is spent far from You Tube, and these are some of the videos I visited with for a bit. I never feel like I-know-it-all, and even a simple video showing beginner brush-strokes will have something new and wonderful in store for me.

I hope, if there is any one out there who's just starting out at one-stroke painting, you find something to help you get going on this blog. You don't really need to go out and find someone to teach you. If you look hard enough, you'll find help aplenty here on the net.

Plus, you'd be amazed at how much people share - in their blogs, on the videos they post, and the little hits and ideas you'll pick up all over the place.

For my bit, I keep this blog going with all the little things I find. And, along with the work I do, I hope I am able to inspire someone out there to pick up a brush and give it a go.

If someone who's 54 can start something new - I've never painted anything before, except in school, and that was a carwreck! - then anyone can!!!

Here're a few things I found. I think most are not in English, but you don't really need the sound. All you need is to see the hand and brush at work, and use your nugget ;)

Basically, this is how I paint, though not with such a big-ass flat brush!

Lavender with a fan brush:

And finally, my guru, Donna Dewberry, painting a few flowers:

Watch both from minute 4.25 onwards, to see Donna paint:

And a brilliant complete piece of work, from start to finish - in 3.11 minutes!

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